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THIS is the show I fell in love with. In spite of the terribly dated hair and wardrobe, and the fact that these events happened almost thirty years ago, and Tod was not a character that I was a huge fan girl of, I am in tears over these scenes.

My thoughts, in no particular order:

-I never noticed how much Gloria Loring and Judi Evans look alike until now.

-I can't believe the crush I had on Pete when Tod was so much better looking, and played by a much better actor.

-Look at all the extras! It lends such a greater sense of reality to have random people crossing the frame, and I miss that. I know it's a budget issue, but I can't help notice what a difference it makes.

-The way Tod looked at Liz while she sang to him was amazing and heart-breaking. How did he get his EYES to act so well? I can't imagine many of the A story folks we've got these days doing that.

-These clips perfectly illustrate what I miss most: the feeling that ALL of the characters know each other and are part of the same community. Tod wasn't even romantically involved with anyone (that I remember), but so many people were so upset about his death. And all of their reactions made sense and were true to human nature: Melissa felt a connection to him because he had saved her life, Jennifer felt beside herself with guilt (and acting exactly the way a teenager would) for whatever had gone on at Jump, Chris feeling mostly anger about the situation and Savannah being caught up in it, but restraining himself, Mike feeling helpless and frustrated because he couldn't save him, Marlena just wanting to lend a shoulder to help a friend she knew was hurting, Neil holding on to the tiniest bit of hope in spite of knowing that Tod would likely die, etc.

-That montage at the end, showing everybody's reactions, without any dialogue, was so well done. Great crying from both Lisa Trusel and Missy Reeves.

-I love that these storyline was so emotionally engaging, but had nothing to do with a love triangle. It was about a sister's love for her brother and a community's senseless loss. And it was so much more compelling than anything I've seen on Days in more years than I can count.
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