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From jb1183: "It's beyond frustrating to watch him (Daniel) suck up so much screentime and attention on the show when beloved male characters about the same age, with far longer histories and larger fanbases, are killed off (Jack) or barely used (Lucas)..."

Yes, I have felt that about Lucas. And I think I heard his character went recurring...which, to me , is a misstep. Lucas has been a character for 20 years & although originally another "instant-relative", earned his stripes as a member of a founding family. He has...authority as a character- that's the best way for me to explain it. Daniel doesn't. Lucas does. Justin has authority. Her last go-round, Chloe didn't. Character authority does not necessarily have to do with age or length of time (Maxine has it) on the show- Sonny certainly has it (so do Will & Nick). Gabi not quite, but she has made leaps of progress & is getting close. I guess it has to do with fit and chemistry. Lucas was not force fed to the audience like Daniel, but integrated & that is the critical difference. Lucas ...happened, while much effort goes into trying to make Daniel happen- and somehow it just doesn't. The strain shows- and nearby characters suffer.

It would seem that there is enough untapped story for Lucas. He has a nice way with Will (you don't always see this father-son dynamic on soaps) & can certainly play the beats of having been a young (& much more volatile) father himself. His relationship with Sami has evolved, but still conflicted; this brings story. There could be corporate boardroom stuff for him to play- lots of potential for interaction with established & new characters; Lucas is interesting because he has ambivalence. He has matured, but still driven by his emotions; his uneven past gives him just the right amount of insecurity and bravado to get ambitious, like power, but still be humane. And his checkered romatic history- this character cries out for a passionate relationship with someone who finally reciprocates his feelings. Someone like...well, I don't know that anyone on the canvas is appropriate at present. So, a new character, maybe a struggling waitress at Sonny's shop- she's got baggage (unhappily married? Deserted by a husband & coping with a disabled child? Violent ex in prison?) & Lucas certainly does- interesting, authentic baggage+ actors who know how to bring it= audience investment. And sparks- that's what Lucas's character needs- sparks. Sami could disapprove, especially if the heroine was warm & loving with Will & Allie, who would both be drawn to her...Kate might unexpectedly approve & support the pairing, which helps soften her character...Jennifer could champion the relationship & form a friendship with the woman- I would rather see Jennifer do this than swoon over Daniel. Lucas is right there- he just needs story.

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