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Grandpa Hughes
Jun 6 2013, 10:34 AM
Miss Rhi
Jun 5 2013, 07:36 PM
Jun 5 2013, 05:26 PM
"Ben" could be one of Justin & Adrienne's sons. Justin can sing, and play the guitar. Maybe it's Alexander. Of course if he shows up I'll want Anjelica back. Too bad Jane Elliot is tied up at GH.
I'm sure Judith Chapman is available since she's not on contract at Y&R... :whistle:

I wouldn't mind that at all.
I would love to have Angelica back, and I think they should cast Alexander Kiriakis.

Think about it. Justin and Adrienne have raised him, and maybe he has mixed feelings about Adrienne having stepped in to be his mother, and he wishes he knew his biological mother. Angelica Deveraux comes to town and wants to know him. He wants to know her too. That would make things tough on Adrienne and on Justin too.

Angelica never did really like Adrienne. What started out as a fun affair with Justin became more for her, but not for him. Once he met Adrienne that was it for him. Angelica didn't like that, especially after Harper went crazy, and a married Justin and Adrienne were having problems. At that point, she had hopes that Justin would turn to her, but he never did. I think the last thing she said to baby Alexander was to please not call Adrienne mommy.

Not only that, but I always think she'd have something to say to Jennifer. Angelica raised Jack from the time he was a boy...maybe 9 years old. She loved Jack. So I wonder how she'd react to find out how quickly Jennifer moved on to Daniel after Jack's death. She might also feel connected to Jack's son, who's probably a lot like him.

She has all kinds of connections to the current cast.

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