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@DrakeHogestyn: Given a chance off the bench, I'm sure I could hit a homer for J&M. #putmeincoach
This makes me sad. DAYS vets really are treated like dirt.
Its always the guys. The women they keep around. Its like daytime's versuon of a polygamy camp. They break up the supercouples, treat the guys like cra p while placing the women with inferior men and rewrite them. Its how we got EJami and Dannifer. Wait for Hope Psycho man or superman newbie choice.
I noticed that when they did Alice's funeral. If I remember correctly, the only guy's that came back were Shane, Lucas (Who shouldn't have been gone!!!!) Mike and Bill, where as, for Women, you had Marie, Jenifer (No Jack), Carrie (No Austin), Laura, Kayla (No Steve), Kimberly and another daughter/granddaughter, i forget her name. I thought it was especially weird that there was no Jack, Austin, or Steve.
matt asford could not come than he was doing play and they did not really want to work around him
and i think Stephen Nichols was in Y&R a
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