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Jun 9 2013, 08:21 AM
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Jun 8 2013, 02:36 PM
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Jun 6 2013, 10:34 AM

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I would love to have Angelica back, and I think they should cast Alexander Kiriakis.

Think about it. Justin and Adrienne have raised him, and maybe he has mixed feelings about Adrienne having stepped in to be his mother, and he wishes he knew his biological mother. Angelica Deveraux comes to town and wants to know him. He wants to know her too. That would make things tough on Adrienne and on Justin too.

Angelica never did really like Adrienne. What started out as a fun affair with Justin became more for her, but not for him. Once he met Adrienne that was it for him. Angelica didn't like that, especially after Harper went crazy, and a married Justin and Adrienne were having problems. At that point, she had hopes that Justin would turn to her, but he never did. I think the last thing she said to baby Alexander was to please not call Adrienne mommy.

Not only that, but I always think she'd have something to say to Jennifer. Angelica raised Jack from the time he was a boy...maybe 9 years old. She loved Jack. So I wonder how she'd react to find out how quickly Jennifer moved on to Daniel after Jack's death. She might also feel connected to Jack's son, who's probably a lot like him.

She has all kinds of connections to the current cast.

What you've described is amazing. JJ could be involved because he could finally have a "grandmother" who loved and missed his father and he seems to need that.

There's so much potential storyline here.
As much as I'd Iove Alex back, the casting call doesn't seem like to be him. The age of 20-25 seems way too low for Alex since that is already the age of Sonny and Alex is supposed to be older than him.

Hard to tell with these casting calls. Is this in addition to that tall guy that sounds like a Chad recast? Or was that dropped and these are different ones? Some people say this guy sounds like Will but Chandler's contract isn't even up until December so I doubt that one. And I am not sure how Will is southern. I hope this guy is somebody to come between Will and Sonny if the characters stay as is right now. But I'd find it super unrealistic for any guy that age to fall for Will with him tied down to a baby that is a result of him sleeping with his ex girlfriend when he was already out. I hope since Brian didn't last long it may be somebody that makes Sonny reconsider being tied down so young in his life to to a child. They do have to start thinking ahead to what if CM doesn't re-sign. Even without that, Will and Sonny can't continue for months being a happy couple together. The has backburner written all over it. I like Will and Sonny but I fear them becoming way too dry and boring coming up with not much story potential since there is no custody battle.

There are way too man straight guys and not enough girls. Chad, Cameron, JJ, Nick. And there is only Abby and Gabby for the girls. Then again unsure what age group Jen Lill's character fits.
I think Wilson drama will come from Adrianne give the video to police and I do not think days cable to write drama to Wilson the break up lasted like month and will baby story had more focus on sami than will
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