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BigFat Irish Head
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1.) Horton Foundation meeting day at the hospital: Lucas tells Sami he's now the boss, and messes with her before, during and after the meeting, driving her into an impotent rage. The ultimate bratty/smirky Lucas. One of my favorite Lucas episodes of all time. :wub:

2.) Lucas at the Blue Note, completely silent but full of overwhelming sadness and regret, remembering his relationship with Sami through the years, after she falls through the french doors at the Dimera mansion.

3.) Stan Wedding: Lucas with Kate and Sami after the reveal. Although I hated how the relationships were destroyed, I loved the drama and thought those scenes really showed how Bryan has grown as an actor - the betrayal, the heart-wrenching pain, the tears and the anger. Compare them to the scenes when he lost custody of Will to Sami, which were also heartbreaking . . . but you can see how Bryan's acting has continued to evolve.

4.) When Lucas and Carrie were married: Up on the roof confronting Austin and Carrie, then Carrie alone, for their cheating/betrayal. I love scenes whenever Lucas gives other characters a cold, hard dose of the ugly truth. This was one of the best. I especially enjoy these kinds of Lucas scenes because unlike some other characters, he's not a smug hypocrite. As an adult, he has grown into someone who readily recognizes his own mistakes and character flaws, and owns up to them.

5.) Lucas and Will sabotage Sami's date with EJ (limburger cheese, stink bomb and hooker). I know Lucas got flack from some fans for those scenes because he acted "immaturely" or whatever, but I ADORE bratty/smirky/scheming Lucas and thought that episode was incredibly fun and full of win.

6.) During Lucas and Sami's wedding reception: when Kate tries to sabotage it by revealing a security/police camera photo of EJ and Sami in the car, when EJ was on the run from John's shooting (and later held Sami at gunpoint to get through a police stop, followed by the rape.) Even though Lucas doesn't know the whole story yet, and Sami is panicking, thinking this could cause her to lose him forever, he trusts in her, tells her not to cry, and reaches out his hand to ask his wife to dance with him. :wub:

7.) After the Green wedding: upon learning EJ raped/blackmailed Sami into sex, harassed her for months afterwards, and she wasn't sure of the paternity of the twins, Lucas apologizes for his past mistakes and not helping Sami feel secure enough to completely trust in his love and tell him what happened from the beginning. It was heart wrenching and showed tremendous growth in Lucas's character.

8.) Lucas with Maggie after Mickey dies (Mickey's last text message accidentally deleted). Brief scenes, but the emotions were powerful and again showed Bryan's growth as an actor. Some men on this show show cry or show vulnerability well, revealing their pain/sadness in a believable way that touches the viewer, without being awkward or over the top. Some don't. Lucas has grown into one who does it very well.

9.) Salty French Toast

10.) Lucas with Will in the hospital, telling him how proud he is of his son, and that he's a better man than Lucas will ever be.

Edit: I missed Alice's funeral, so I'm looking forward to seeing those scenes including the moments with Lucas.

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