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Okay. I see what you're saying.

But as someone who is a fan of Steve and Kayla, I didn't really disagreewith the reason for their break-up. Some Steve and Kayla fans have a problem with it. I don't.

Steve went to work for the ISA. It isn't like he wouldn't have done that, because he's done that before. As far back as 1989, he was working undercover in conjunction with the ISA to solve a case involving Marcus. When he disappeared and was thought dead in 1990, he was working on a case with the ISA, so his working for them had been well established in Steve's history.

Kayla's inability to accept his desire to work for them is easily explained too. He disappeared for 16 years during an ISA assignment, and she thought he was dead. She had to move on, raised their child by herself, and was devastated by what happened to him. She wouldn't be so ready to wait around for the other shoe to drop again, would she?

Now, Jack's walkabout as an explanation for his disappearance? Not a good explanation or in any way something that would work for fans. John's big plan to mess with Kristen? Dumb. Bo and Hope's separation has yet to be explained, really, aside from the DiMera connection. We don't know how well or poorly it will be explained when they finally get around to it.

The thing is, though...I want to see Kayla. I want to see Justin and Adrienne. I want to see Jack. If I can't have the couples, I can't. That doesn't mean I don't want the characters. I may have to put up with some idiocy in the writing to have them sometimes. But...I want them around. They're my emotional investment, more than some of the new characters who've come down the pike, so what am I to do?

Put up with it, at least to an extent. Because really, what choice do I have? I want to see those characters.
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