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SharRaeB ■@SharB13
@ChandlerMassey My bet is you and @CaseyDeidrick have a pre determined agreement on the number of tweets. #noonehastosing
Chandler Massey ■@ChandlerMassey
.@SharB13 @CaseyDeidrick haha we've got a conspiracy theorist here

Team WilSon ■@DaysWilson
Where the name "The Last Of Us" comes from? @ChandlerMassey @CaseyDeidrick
Chandler Massey ■@ChandlerMassey
.@DaysWilson @CaseyDeidrick we all contributed an idea for a band name, and Casey was "the last of us" to give one

Tara Craft ■@TaraDolloly07
@chandlermassey Hi chandler! I asked this last time, lol, But what are some fiction and/or nonfiction books your reading or suggest reading?
Chandler Massey ■@ChandlerMassey
.@TaraDolloly07 fiction: you should read the Good Earth books by Pearl S. Buck. changed my life

JoanieÖ ■@Joanie_Vinson
@ChandlerMassey Just curious if you have ever read any FanFics that your fans Wrote?
Chandler Massey ■@ChandlerMassey
.@Joanie_Vinson yes and they're incredible

Robin Kaye ■@robbiebob44
@ChandlerMassey @CaseyDeidrick Do you guys get excited to see how happy you are making your fans by this Q&A?
Chandler Massey ■@ChandlerMassey
.@robbiebob44 @CaseyDeidrick yes. they are making us happy as well

Sara Yu ■@saraGG14
@CaseyDeidrick @ChandlerMassey Would you rather the ability to fly or the ability to teleport?
Chandler Massey ■@ChandlerMassey
.@saraGG14 @CaseyDeidrick fly! life is about enjoying the ride

RickyMCL4L ■@RickyColucci
@ChandlerMassey how are thing looking for will n sonny now that will has his baby? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ANSWER
Chandler Massey ■@ChandlerMassey
.@RickyColucci they are looking better than ever

Daryl Acenas ■@daryl_118
@ChandlerMassey OMG you are answering a lot of questions! LOL. How will we see you lip sync then?
Chandler Massey ■@ChandlerMassey
.@daryl_118 haha I guess you'll have to settle for casey. I'll warn you, he has some sick dance moves.

Loving Chandler :3 ■@AlexaFTP24
@ChandlerMassey a lot of us are huge fans of yours and Freddie so we were wondering when you guys would do a joint interview #CheddieFTW
Chandler Massey ■@ChandlerMassey
@AlexaFTP24 whenever he wants to! #CheddieFTW

Daryl Acenas ■@daryl_118
@ChandlerMassey For the Sixty-Five Roses music video, do you plan on hiring other actors?
Chandler Massey ■@ChandlerMassey
.@daryl_118 yes actually we do plan on it. Someone you might recognize...

5SOS ϟ. ■@becca175
@ChandlerMassey @CaseyDeidrick If I looked inside your refrigerator what would I find?
Chandler Massey ■@ChandlerMassey
.@becca175 @CaseyDeidrick the inside of a refrigerator.

Ashley Anne ■@activistash
@ChandlerMassey What is your favorite sport to play besides CrossFit?
Chandler Massey ■@ChandlerMassey
.@activistash golf and/or ultimate Frisbee

Sam_Rik ■@SaM_rIk
@CaseyDeidrick @ChandlerMassey So whose singing Escapre. Are you guys keeping track of whose answered more questions? :P
Chandler Massey ■@ChandlerMassey
.@SaM_rIk @CaseyDeidrick no I seem to have my hands full lol. maybe you could give us a rough estimate?

Susen (Lady) McBeth ■@SusenMc
@CaseyDeidrick @freddiemsmith @ChandlerMassey @camilabanus Maybe Chad can move in with Gabi and Wilson? The more the merrier!
Chandler Massey ■@ChandlerMassey
.@SusenMc @CaseyDeidrick @freddiemsmith @camilabanus that would be quality television

Mary Salman ■@SalmanMary
@ChandlerMassey What do you do when you're off Days, and you do sing around your house, plz answer one of my tweets
Chandler Massey ■@ChandlerMassey
.@SalmanMary I sing around the world!

Andrew Benkovic ■@andrewbenkovic
@ChandlerMassey @CaseyDeidrick $20,000 is probably the bare minimum you need for the music video. What is your ultimate goal?
Chandler Massey ■@ChandlerMassey
.@andrewbenkovic @CaseyDeidrick an even 50 billion

Rita ■@anaritam
@ChandlerMassey Do you know how scared is everyone now that you said you read fanfics?? LOL
Chandler Massey ■@ChandlerMassey
.@anaritam haha whoops did I let the cat out of the bag

Sabrina Schwarz ■@Indianluna
How looks a perfect day for you?
#Imnotgivingupmaybeyouansweronofmytweets ;)
Chandler Massey ■@ChandlerMassey
.@Indianluna a perfect day would include work, piano, family, golf, and a grilled cheese sandwich

amanda maxwell ■@AkmMaxwell
@ChandlerMassey if you weren't an actor what would you be doing?
Chandler Massey ■@ChandlerMassey
.@AkmMaxwell I would be homeless

Ashley Anne ■@activistash
@ChandlerMassey Can you please send a shoutout to @RKOBlackSwan? He uploads all of your scenes to YouTube every day.
Chandler Massey ■@ChandlerMassey
@activistash @RKOBlackSwan hello! Thank you so much for all you do. #youreamachineinagoodway

Jessica ■@jotalina
@ChandlerMassey will reach his 200th tweet mostly answering Q&As lol
Chandler Massey ■@ChandlerMassey
.@jotalina that's how it should be!

sarah❁ ■@AYYOSARAH
Chandler Massey ■@ChandlerMassey
@AYYOSARAH sorry! a lot of tweets coming in

Susen (Lady) McBeth ■@SusenMc
@ChandlerMassey @AYYOSARAH Yah - and you're replying so quickly - keyboard must be smoking!
Chandler Massey ■@ChandlerMassey
.@SusenMc @AYYOSARAH yes i guess those speed typing lessons are finally paying off

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