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๖ۣۜSєℓιиα⚛☠ ‏@SelinaMomoxo
@ChandlerMassey This is the most random question ever but, favourite type of bread? #lol
Chandler Massey ‏@ChandlerMassey
.@SelinaMomoxo sourdough!

Best couple=WilSon ‏@1997jaden
@ChandlerMassey can you tweet more often? We love hearing from you :)
Chandler Massey ‏@ChandlerMassey
.@1997jaden I love doing Q&A's, but other than that I don't have a lot to tweet about

Saskia. ‏@Kiia_Byrne
@ChandlerMassey how long will the Q&A go? :D
Chandler Massey ‏@ChandlerMassey
.@Kiia_Byrne until 4:00 EST :D

Jenny P. ‏@jenpoll
@ChandlerMassey OK, so you read fanfics….. do you watch any of the fanvids on YT? #WilSon
Chandler Massey ‏@ChandlerMassey
.@jenpoll no I haven't. should I?

RoxyGirl24 ‏@mcchick1979
@ChandlerMassey Did you ever get our Wilson4ever book? I'm dying to find out! Pls help out this hopeless Canadian lady! <3
Chandler Massey ‏@ChandlerMassey
.@mcchick1979 We did! I thought I sent a tweet a while back to say thank you. Anyway, thank you haha!

Justene. ‏@Justene02
@ChandlerMassey red or green apples?
Chandler Massey ‏@ChandlerMassey
.@Justene02 red. Gala apples

cнey♥ĸnocĸoυт ‏@JFACHardyzRKO
Why is it that when no one is on I have amazing questions but when @ChandlerMassey @CaseyDeidrick do a Q&A, my mind blanks?
Chandler Massey ‏@ChandlerMassey
.@JFACHardyzRKO @CaseyDeidrick that in itself is actually a great question

Tony ‏@toner40
@ChandlerMassey did you get the Wilson books that @mcchick1979 sent you and Freddie? Can I get a #shoutout!
Chandler Massey ‏@ChandlerMassey
.@toner40 @mcchick1979 yes we did thank you so much!

Loving Chandler :3 ‏@AlexaFTP24
@ChandlerMassey I'm gonna ask you a question in Spanish to see if you can understand me haha. Cual te gusta más: cantar o tocar el piano?
Chandler Massey ‏@ChandlerMassey
.@AlexaFTP24 una pregunta muy dificil. quiero decir que me gusta tocar el piano mas

Minttu ‏@MinttuH_
@ChandlerMassey @CaseyDeidrick Do you guys know any Finnish words? ;) #JustQuriousToKnow
Chandler Massey ‏@ChandlerMassey
.@MinttuH_ @CaseyDeidrick I don't..you should teach me some!

Team WilSon ‏@DaysWilson
@ChandlerMassey @MinttuH_ @CaseyDeidrick "Minä rakastan sinua" means I love you! Say it to us!
Chandler Massey ‏@ChandlerMassey
.@DaysWilson @MinttuH_ @CaseyDeidrick haha are you sure you're not getting me to say something weird...

Verklempts :) ! ‏@Verklempts
@ChandlerMassey http://t.co/mblLmmX8o6 how do you feel about cute puppies?
Chandler Massey ‏@ChandlerMassey
.@Verklempts delicious!

alana ‏@1LessL0nelyGurl
@ChandlerMassey are you Kyle massey's brother?
Chandler Massey ‏@ChandlerMassey
.@1LessL0nelyGurl lol touché

Chandler Massey ‏@ChandlerMassey
Thank you so much everyone for a great Q&A. There will be more! I am sorry that I couldn't answer all your questions. Minä rakastan sinua.

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