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Casey Deidrick @CaseyDeidrick
I'm effed! RT @ChandlerMassey: 15 minutes until the live Q&A whoever answers the fewest Q's has to lip sync Escape by E Iglesias on camera

Robin Kaye @robbiebob44
@ChandlerMassey @CaseyDeidrick Who writes the lyrics and who writes the music for your songs? Or is it a collaboration? #thelastofus
Casey Deidrick @CaseyDeidrick
@robbiebob44 @ChandlerMassey it's a collaboration

Sarah @sarahh20
@CaseyDeidrick so how much did those tats really hurt coming off??
Casey Deidrick @CaseyDeidrick
@sarahh20 worst pain I've ever endured.

Vanessa Booty @Vanessabooty1
@CaseyDeidrick favourite song at the moment?
Casey Deidrick @CaseyDeidrick
@Vanessabooty1 vices by Memphis May Fire

aimala @aimala
@CaseyDeidrick So, what's the real story behind the hairstyle? Is it for a different role?
Casey Deidrick @CaseyDeidrick
@aimala just wanted to do something different, tired of the same hairstyle.

Vanessa Booty @Vanessabooty1
@CaseyDeidrick are their more scenes with you and abby coming up? Would love to see chabby back together!
Casey Deidrick @CaseyDeidrick
@Vanessabooty1 yes more @KateMansi scenes are coming, can't wait for u to see

Saskia. @Kiia_Byrne
@CaseyDeidrick what do you think of WilSon? :D
Casey Deidrick @CaseyDeidrick
@Kiia_Byrne happy for #WilSon

Daryl Acenas @daryl_118
@CaseyDeidrick So what did you have for lunch? And I'm asking you first cos I want @ChandlerMassey to lose hahaha.
Casey Deidrick @CaseyDeidrick
@daryl_118 had bacon and eggs! Love bacon!

Sam_Rik @SaM_rIk
@ChandlerMassey @CaseyDeidrick What got you guys into music? Whose you're inspiration?
Casey Deidrick @CaseyDeidrick
@SaM_rIk I've been a huge fan of metal since I was in high school, Asking Alexandria, Bring Me the Horizon, Memphis may Fire are influences

I_Love_Chad @Vnessarsanchez
@CaseyDeidrick What is your type of girl?
Casey Deidrick @CaseyDeidrick
@Vnessarsanchez my lady Jahan is my type:)

stacy thompson @pacey32
@ChandlerMassey @CaseyDeidrick whats your fav song to sing :-)
Casey Deidrick @CaseyDeidrick
@pacey32 anything N'Sync related

Vickeh @proudofkieron
@CaseyDeidrick what do you like to do to un wind after work? #AskCasey
Casey Deidrick @CaseyDeidrick
@proudofkieron take my dog out for a run, clean my room lol or listen to music

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