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I grew up on this show too. I remember the first day Maggie set foot in Salem and the day Hope was born. I've watched Samantha Gene from day one and if you're going to use the term rapist in reference to Ejami then its definately rapist/rapist and not rapist/victim cause Sami is just as guilty of the crime of rape as EJ is!!!

And in fact they did try to reset Sami IMO, during the time period she was paired with Rafe they tried to turn her into Marlean Jr. and based on the ratings and feedback it failed miserably.

Sami IMO is perfect just as she is now, impulsive and scheming. Too me the flawed characters are the most interesting.
Me too. I'm glad the old Sami's back. I hated Sami during the Safe era. The pormanteau "Safe" described the characters and the couple perfectly. The writers went with the "safe" option and put Sami with that fake hero in hopes of pleasing everyone, and that never works. We ended up wih an unrecognizable Sami that almost no one liked.

The ratings have been much better since the old Sami's been back, and I enjoy Rafe much better in a coma. I don't miss him at all.

Rafe is the worst thing to happen to the characters of Sami and E.J. :( . I hope he is removed from their SL very soon.
:roflol: I can think of so many things that have been worse than Rafe.
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