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Jun 8 2013, 11:29 AM
I am probably in the minority here. I was excited with the news of the resurrection of OLTL. After watching a few episodes I must say that it is not so impressive. The acting is bad and sometimes over the top. Characters don't act in character. I know it is to be expected with new writers. I am not really invested in any stories.

I am just afraid that these shows coming back would do more harm than anything else in the sense of the memory of these shows. If they decide to cancel it (I can't see this long term) everyone will be left hanging with unfinished stories. I think they should have left these shows alone.
I agree, except I'm coming at this from the POV of an AMC fan. AMC has even fewer veterans and recognizable characters than OLTL and let me tell you, it shows. Most of the airtime is taken up by newer characters whom I'm not interested in and I don't know. The ones I do know, I don't really like and that surprises me. I get that PP had to act quickly to put the shows on but hiring head writers who didn't know the history nor did they care and who wrote storylines that are not nearly as good as they'd advertised has hurt AMC alot in my eyes. I missed ABC's cancelled version of AMC but I was doing ok without it. Now some characters are back and I don't like what I see. I get why the head writers were fired and I appreciate PP's desire to make AMC work by firing them so soon out of the gate. But they have to get their act together with the union and with story because I could care less about alot that's airing now. They also need to get back more familiar faces because a show without a matriarch or patriarch, without rivals going head to head, and without much romance that I care about isn't going to succeed. Adam's not on enough to be the patriarch of the show, and counting Jangie and Brooke & Adam, there are only two established couples on the show. That's not enough.

I wish PP and AMC well but they've got to do better than this.
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