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Jun 10 2013, 10:56 AM
I keep re watching the clip of the Passion speech - honestly has to be some of my most fave 9 or so minutes in my personal Days-viewing history. Bryan is good playing both really sincere, earnest notes while not abandoning the jokester - perfect balance of character drama and humor. What Lucas says about his reasons for being with Carrie this second time, how he felt about Sami, how they are together, what he misses, etc. - all so good, and important points for his character to address/acknowledge in re: his relationship with Sami. It's really pretty effortless, the ebb and flow of emotion in that scene. And I have to say that AS/Sami is incredible playing off of it. When it looks like she might be going in for a kiss but pulls back at the last second and says "Wanna bet?" or when she says "Oh. My. God. Is there no way to dent your ego?" SO GOOD!!! And I hardly ever give props to AS for acting notes. Bah, so good! LOL And of course it's fabulous to see Lucas and Will working together, firmly in one corner. I have to say I've missed that.
I've always loved angsty Lumi...and this just is a great scene all around....the acting was great..the story not so much...but I'm here to remember how amazing Lucas is and this proves it to me....Bryan rocked these scenes....I forgot how Lumi use to discuss stuff...what was the last time two characters did this much talking and discussed their future, what had just happened, etc....good stuff, hated the outcome but this scenes was good:

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