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Jun 10 2013, 11:16 PM
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Is it possible that Jen Lilley could be playing a new character named Theresa that is a long lost daughter of either a Horton, Brady, or even a Dimera? I would love it if she was Stefano's daughter that he's never known of. Lol. Is there anything that indicates that Lilley's character has been on the show previously?
i only want her to be Stefano's if Hope's her mother.

...you know, maybe "Theresa" is a cover, and she's actually Greta. With Eric back in town that could be interesting.
That would be interesting. I think I remember her sharing scenes with Greg Vaughn too. Plus he was the one who accidentally revealed that Jen joined DAYS. Greta wasn't a member of a prominent family was she? I'm only 18 so I didn't watch when she was on. Wasn't she princess Gina's daughter?
Yes Greta was the real Princess Gina's daughter....but she would be around Nicole/Eric/Sami's age and I think Jen Lilly is play a character around Nick/Will's age.
They could always desoras her like they did with Laura when JLB took over the role from Susan Flannery lol. It would make more sense because the actress who played Greta was like only 5 years younger than KA.
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