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I think they probably didn't get the good reviews on this storyline from fans and this was a quick rewrite. I think the fallout from Bill and Brooke sleeping together will still have a big impact on Katie once she finds out that they slept together and there was a baby scare. Who knows maybe Bill and Brooke dreamed that they slept together. Anything is possible with these writers. Just end this already. Lets move on to real stories and stop with all of these bad triangles. I cannot stomach this Maya/Rick/Caroline thing going on. This is a miss match. I still cannot believe that Rick was so madly in love with Caroline and like a snap of the fingers he fell head over heels for Maya. This doesn't make sense. The way I would have done it is to put Maya and Carter (cant remember if this is the guys name now). Give them chance to develop as a couple and then brought in Maya's ex to stir up trouble.
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