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Jun 10 2013, 05:49 PM

They use the rich history of the show only when it suits their purposes, scanning quickly and grabbing a quick snippet or two here and there to use as they see fit (often twisting it around in the process). And when they're not doing that, they totally disregard history and just assert their own version -- which they feel free to rewrite a few years or even months or weeks later.

I'm all for evolution and layering. But this isn't that. It's just plain laziness and lack of caring.

While I'm not a devout J&M fan, and while I've enjoyed each of them with other pairings in the past, this current dismantling of their history and their characterizations is egregious and unnecessary. I see it as a slap not only to their fans, but to Days fans in general, because it may be J&M getting the "treatment" now, but they aren't the first and they most assuredly won't be the last.

Yep. The whole thing is disgusting. You know I never bought into the idea that writers 'hated' certain characters - I always felt, well they had ones they preferred to write for but how can you hate a character you're writing? But I take it back. There is absolutely no sense to the destruction of John in this manner other than these writers can't stand him. Get rid of him, fine - they've put him in a coma and killed him before. Backburner - again, been done before. But to take the absolute heart of a character and twist it this way so as to betray the past 20 years of story is just vicious and insulting. No wonder Drake has been doing such a poor job. It's must be so disheartening to dismantle a character you've played for 20+ years for absolutely no purpose.

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