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I just finished watching the show:

- Kristen and Sami confrontation: Sami was so horrible ranting at Kristen. She sounded like a really bad rapper trying to rattle off her lines. Ugh. I was so happy Kristen got one over her. I wished she wiped the floor with her face.

- Kristen vs. Nicole. ALL KINDS OF WIN! More!!! :D ED's throat was kind of very distracting when the camera panned to her face. I guess all aging actress have those wrinkles. But acting-wise, both are superb. Is it too much to ask the writers to include Marlena into the mix next time? :D

- I am John/Marlena fan and this episode for them is beyond DISGUSTING. I don't deny that John loved Kristen in the past, hell, we have seen a lot, BUT for him to still have feelings for her after all the time that has passed, AND after all the things that she has done to him and to Marlena.... COME ON. No freaking way. It's bad enough that Marlena had to find out about this stupid plan of seducing Kristen to expose her evil ways to Brady, but for John to also admit that he also still had unresolved feelings for her?! What are the writers smoking?! I HATE THIS. FUCK this storyline. DHer was outstanding, as always, but FUCK the writers for re-writing history in to BULL SHIT.

- I understand that Parker's safety was compromised, BUT did Daniel really had to go off the rails with JJ? Why do these people: Jennifer and Daniel expect JJ to be responsible and capable of babysitting JJ? Hey, Jennifer, even if JJ is not 4 anymore, it doesn't mean he knows how to take care of a baby or toddler, ya hear? Geez. JJ should be more responsible and focused, yes, but why are these people acting like Parker had broken his head open? JJ was irresponsible, fine, Parker had a close call. He is unhurt. Why the need to crucify him and force the "virtues" of the god of Daniel on him? Geez, give me a break. Dannifer SUCKS, too.
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