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Well, you can't get much more first hand than I did in Atlanta being as how I sat right next to James Scott at lunch (he hit my leg with his 7 times...I counted) and one thing he made very clear to us at the table was that the producers (DeCozette, he said Meng didn't have much power anymore) Bruce Evans and NBC LOVE Ejami! They loved the buzz they loved the ratings and I quote "Lisa told him and Ali that in all her years in soaps she had never seen a couple with chemistry the way Ejami have it". I don't know what he told the Ejoles, I wasn't there, but I can tell you exactly what Ari Zuker said to me ...which is that the Ejole baby is not alive and when asked in my presence if there was any hope for an Ejole reunion she said and I'm quoting her here...."I doubt it, at least not for a very, very long time". And just for the record, my memory isn't tempered by time or desire for any one couple. I wrote stuff down so I could remember it precisely as it was told to me. My short stint as a journalist taught me that.

As for today's show, I didn't see love from Sami...what I saw was guilt. Guilt because she feels bad for basically stringing Rafe along when in her heart it was always EJ. Guilt because she rushed off and Ciara was able to hide that envelope thus leaving Jensen on the loose. Not love, just guilt.

Sure Sami cares about Rafe, mostly for her kids sake, her her heart belongs to EJ and Rafe is just going to have to deal with that...when he wakes up in oh maybe 3 months time from what I hear... ;) .
Ari only speaks about what's aired. If the baby hasn't been showned on camera to be alive then she would say the baby is dead even if she knew the baby would turned up alive in a few weeks. And Rafe has moved on from Sami and accepted that she's with EJ. There's nothing for him to deal with as far as Sami is concerned. Ej is the one lurking around corners eavesdropping trying to figure out who Sami truly loves.
Well since I was the one in coversation with Ari...and her comment about the Ejole baby was in response to my question...."Do you think they will ever give Nicole a child?" I can tell you her response was not only concerning what had aired but also concerned the future.
Despite I sure in that in near future Nicole will not have child or hint she have child some where.why would ari would tell to ej and sami fan there alive child to Nicole from ej.I sure there at least half of ej and sami fans wanted to Nicole to miscarriage both times because ej is the father.if there was alive child she would not said it to ej and sami fan
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