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Come on Ron, We are counting on YOU !!

Today's show wasn't bad.

The Brady/Eric and Nicole/Kristen scenes were a WIN for me. I really, really, like really liked Brady and Eric...and I can just imagine what it might work toward, and as an Ericole fan, now I'm looking forward to it and I'm not so bent out of shape over what might come next week. Anyway....was that a hint of jealousy I see there with Eric toward Nicole? Hmmm.....he wants to know just how involved she's going to get with Brady and the way Nicole just turned around and left was perfection....Eric, drop the fucking collar or you are going to lose your woman.

I liked how they gave us a glimpse of what Sami was thinking pre shooting....I didn't think Ali was that OTT as others have said...but I also didn't think she made all the right acting choices.....I thought it would have played better to have her be forceful like she was over her shooting the culprit and then as the situation set in and the scenes played out I thought she should have gone into more of a 'shock' moment and she should have remained more silent as Hope kept asking the questions...

Ej shuffling Sami away was awkward as hell.....really played off weird IDK...

In watching this now, I think the CSI guy was definitely the one who took the knife....he's working for the Dimeras for sure.....It would make sense for Stefano to have this guy on payroll to clean up after what he thought was going to be a dickless Rafe....but obviously he's cleaning up after a dead crooked cop and Rafe's dick is intact...brain might not be but that's another story...oh well...opera is over Steffy....

LOVED the Kate/Stefano scene...loved Kate telling him to send the goons for her too if he ever attempts to kill Rafe again or else he will be a dead man.

Overall good show...

Notice how I didn't even mention Drake.....just awful...really just awful....every scene with everyone the last two days...just bad
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