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OK so I can agree the cocked head and the tortured face were a bit hard to take but I'm not entirely sure what else DHim was supposed to do in these scenes considering the WTF dialogue about having feelings for Kristen and 'doing it for Brady." He had what, 2-3 lines during these scenes, that barely amounted to a sentence. Exactly how was he supposed to convey much without any convincing dialogue or dialogue at all. This was intended to be a DHer scene giving him hell - not for DHim to apologise/grovel and that's down to the writers and director - not the actor.

It's not that I'm a particularly big fan of his - I am of J&M and it angers me that what the writers have done to actually makes people happy to see John go. I am angry at the writers, not the actor who had little material to work with and possible direction that contradicts what we would have liked to see. Perhaps he was instructed to look indifferent during this scene - to make us hate John more...that does seem to be the overriding point behind this entire SL as there has been no other purpose seeing as Ciara and Johnny are the ones who actually produced the proof of Kristen's lies. And if you consider that the point of this SL WAS to make us hate John - then well, his acting has conveyed just that.

There is all kinds of bad acting on this show and I agree some are better at taking such crap and making it work than others but I sympathise that in this situation it must have been hard and I choose not to be annoyed with how it was played and concentrate my annoyance more on the fact it had to be played in the first place.
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