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Jun 12 2013, 10:34 PM
Jun 12 2013, 10:32 PM
Jun 12 2013, 09:57 PM
I'm going to have a hard time explaining this. I'm still not loving the show, but I'm in a better place with it right now. It's not going to sound that way, though.

I'm really not liking how this shooting story is playing out. I mean, there's my obvious issue with AS's acting, but that's not even the biggest part. The details of it are just bad. Why on earth would security or the Salem PD leave Sami alone anywhere? Why is EJ allowed in a crime scene? I went back and forth with the Ejami scenes. Some of it I liked and some I didn't. I see where they're both coming from, but this really isn't the time for EJ's insecurities. But even fresh out of shock, Sami wouldn't be stupid enough to talk about Rafe like that to EJ. It's just weird, and seems like it should be happening later. I'd prefer EJ be completely focused on Sami (and stop yelling at everyone) and then the stuff about Rafe come back later. Also, seriously. If the knife were in a vent, they'd have seen someone throw it in there and make that awesome shot. Come on.

I'm really liking Kate lately, and her scenes with Wilson and Gabi (yesterday I think) are making me miss seeing her with her kids.

I also really liked the lady playing Bernardi's wife. She was really good, and way better than AS. I found their scene completely contrived, but she pulled it off. Glad to hear she'll be hanging around (we heard that, right?)

I could just weep over Brady/Marlena. And I thought EM was pretty good today. The John/Brady scenes weren't great, but Brady's part in it was good. I wish John was more aware of how stupid this whole thing is.

I really haven't been enjoying ED this last couple of weeks. I'm not sure what it is, but I'm not.

Kayla said something funny, and I can't remember what it was. Also, she's dressed SO MUCH better than usual. I wish we could see her as more than a doctor. Her ex-sister in law and brother are investigating the shooting done by her niece and her great nephew and great great niece are in the hospital. A little boy Joey's age just lost his father, and that should really be stirring up something for her. She's not just doctor.

Drake briefly got that crick out of his neck.

Sami only has two sons. No daughters.
i'm with you. so far, the shooting story is a complete clusterfuck. and things were going so well with Rafe's attack & the stuff with Jensen. but, of course, we needed to give Sami & EJ some drama.

i also agree that Kate's been written well lately. and Lauren's been playing those scenes well as well. Regardless of how people feel about Rate, you've gotta admit that Lauren did a really good job with those bedside scenes.

the Kristen stuff has been somewhat of a clusterfuck reveal, followed by a bunch of randomness just to attempt to add more drama.

Poor Sydney & that other one...what's her name again??? oh yeah... Allie.
I don't have an issue with giving EJ and Sami drama. I just don't think it's playing out well. But it's playing out better than the shooting details are.
it really isn't playing out well at all. i'm wondering who the breakdown writer is for this stuff. it's definitely not the same person who did the Jensen stuff.
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