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I LOVE Bernardi's widow. Can we keep her please? She really was a lot better than most of the regulars on the show!

Nice Brady/Marlena scene. I don't even like Brady, but it was good to see them make up and to see Marlena not throw it in his face that he's a reckless jackass, who only thinks about himself.

I usually NEVER let writers character assassinations sway my opinion, but in this case I do think John Black needs a break and I'm not upset about it. I do hope he returns for November sweeps or something like that and I hope Drake decides to take his job a little more seriously, regardless of what he thinks of the material.

Always great to see Marlena vs. Kristen and then the scene with Kristen deleting John out of her phone and deciding not to delete Marlena. Brilliant. And intriguing. The writers are basically FORCED to come up with something fresh for Kristen now that John is off canvas. We'll see how that goes...

Kate and Kayla interacting? Okay, whatever that was fun. I wish they would utilize Kayla a little more. It was good to see her today, but her scenes are always so minor. Even though she got to announce Bernardi's death and tell Kate that Sami shot a cop...big moments, but I just hate how she feels so unimportant. MBE needs more screen time.

Loved Kate and Will and enjoyed her breaking the bad news to Will slowly. One thing at a time until she was just like "Yeah sorry Will there's no way to not blow your mind now..." I wish Will would have said "No grandma, Gabi can't move in with you because you live in Horton Town Square and the coffee shop."

I don't even know if I should bother commenting on the fact that EJ was telling Abe and Hope how to investigate a crime scene. Considering they have about 50+ years on the police force this was a damn joke. but at least we got Abe's greatest one liner in history out of it.
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