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Jun 12 2013, 07:43 PM
I really liked the writers fucking with Sami by having her bond with Bernardi's widow before realizing who she was. The more Sami suffers, the better, provided she doesn't cry or try to cry during these moments.

If you set aside the forensic incompetence by letting everyone in Salem and their neighbor into the crime scene, the case against Sami is actually a pretty solid one, especially without the knife\razor. I'm now starting to wonder how the writers are going to extricate Sami from this predicament as she obviously is not going to prison for the shooting.

I can't wait for Lucas to discover Sami has shot another man.

Has Marlena visited Will while he has been in the hospital? I'm asking if it was mentioned in passing at some point because there was never any visual depiction of it.

Sonny obviously had relinquished the Salem brain by suggesting Gabi and Arianna move in with him and Will. The writers had better make this story a comedic one otherwise there is nothing good that can come from this.
I do not think it been mentioned
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