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Sadly enough, he's doing a better job too. As many people as they let hang out in the room since the shooting, that knife could be anywhere!
IDK, but it bothers me that they are going to whitewash EJ to the point of making him bland white bread. So, I suppose all the Bradys will be praising him soon because he is trying to be Sami's hero. Also, are we suppose to believe that neither Hope or Abe (with like a hundred yrs. police work experience) knew to check the vents while searching for a weapon? Only the great EJ knew that?!!!!
I hate him in this hero EJ to the rescue role. First off it's not his strong suit so it dulls him down. Secondly, he is now playing the Rafe role. Same words, same comforting mannerisms. "Listen to me, I'll handle this, I'm here for you, we'll beat this together". He's even asking her to not act so impulsively. :huh: So we have Ej running around, putting on gloves searching the crime scene for evidence to help Sami's case. Oh brother!

Hell they might as well keep Bo and John off-screen and Rafe in a coma. Who needs those good guys anymore?! We have EJ! He'll save Sami and take down Stefano all the while being Will's greatest confidant and superior dad to Johnny, Sydney and that other girl (even though we never see that one) Hero Ej, ready to bend the rules for the greater good and to earn a kiss on the cheek from Grandma Caroline.
You forgot to add sarcasm emoticon.unless ej taken the knife we going to suffer this kind crap the all storyline and more
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