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Mrs. H and Mr. B

Oh, yes, I used to like Chloe and Billy. I wouldn't mind some interaction there if you know what I mean. Billy's lost his edge. Chilly aren't boring around each other and they also wouldn't be so judgmental. Chloe & Kevin were awful from the start. How the hell did they stretch that un-relationship out so long when they have zero make that -1 chemistry.

Victoria just seems to call all the shots and Billy has become, well, an obient little fuck, but he's being so suffocated that now he's off gambling to get a break from being the perfect-do-what-you're-told husband.

Yes, I guess I have to agree that not dragging out Chylan and this wedding is a good thing, because we all know that wedding can't happen without a hitch. But I don't want Adam busting it up, I'd rather my girl Chelsea (who's being an idiot) look at Dylan on her wedding day, standing in front of a priest, and sees Adam's face and changes her mind and runs out in her wedding dress to find Adam but never makes it to him. Adam finds out about her calling off the wedding and realizes Chelsea is missing. Where is she? Has she been kidnapped? Has she been in an accident? Is she dangling from a cliff waiting for Adam to save her and their child? I mean, come on, Adam was sexy hot when he scooped up Chelsea when she was having stomach pains and took her to the hospital. I need more of Adam in 'save my woman' mode.
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