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I'm not saying her PPD isn't a serious thing or anything, but she can't be let off easy and all the blame pushed onto Brooke and Bill. Katie literally admitted to wanting Brooke to raise Will WITH Bill and then told them to be together. If she didn't mean it, she should not have said it. Simple. People are so quick to blame Brooke because it's the easy thing to do, and they don't want to get out of their own damned ways.
I am going to use the following analogy to see your point:
A mentally ill person tells their family or friend that I am going to jump off a bridge because its the right thing to do.
So the family or friends say yes to mentally unstable person, because its the right thing to do.
Now would you listen to the mentally unstable person or would you try to help the person?

Katie was in a mentally unstable position and her sister and her husband who were supposed to be looking out for her decided to say "yes" to Katie, jump off the bridge because that's what you want.
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