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Jun 13 2013, 01:44 PM
And "meh" to Drake taping again. If his acting is anything like it has been the past few months, then maybe he should just stay gone.

Just curious, has Drake been sick or something? He looks too thin, yesterday his head was at such a tilted angle and he had such a pained/exhausted look on his face I thought he might have a ruptured disc in his neck. I can't believe this is just an acting choice.

I lurk, but HAD to come out of the woodwork for this post! Only true laugh I have had all day! I sorta wish it was his neck... If only it could be his neck. Or, I would even be happy if he really was listening for farts in the ground.

I guess I feel bad for him, having to spew that nonsense about his residual Kritter feelings. but I feel worse for DHer...and me having to endure this dreck. It kinda makes my neck hurt, come to think of it. Even ED couldn't fake understanding the John/Kritter 'plot point'.

BTW, given P/Pease info, do we think someone croaks? Worrying for Caroline...wondering how they will swing that if PR remains MIA.
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