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Jun 13 2013, 12:06 AM
EH is too thin skinned for twitter. Twitter unites the crazies and you have to be able to ignore them. If you can't, then all you can talk about is your winery in California like Laura Wright. (LW really needs to delete her twitter account, LOL).

With that being said, there were two bat sh*t crazy Villy fans. I was LMAO. Someone was tweeting her "how dare you post those pictures" and "is this your job?". What's with these ass wipes b*tching about spoilers? I want the actors to spoil more. The only person who can b*tch about her leaking the photographs is JG and JFP and it is obvious that EH was given the green light.
Twitter's not the only place some people shouldn't be. MM couldn't handle it either. They do it to get people riled up. These actors say they have to keep things secret but they don't. They aren't stupid they do it on purpose to rile people up and sometimes I don't think they get how crazy some people are on twitter. People take the show too seriously in general. It's a freaking soap.
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