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Jun 13 2013, 01:50 PM
Both Jill and Josh have done complete WONDERS for this show, that I was worried would be cancelled by now due to Maria's lack of interest. They've both turned the show around and it has been the best it's been since their Out of the Ashes storyline. I have really enjoyed majority of the storylines they've been putting out.

I never thought I'd enjoy the Summer paternity storyline, but I actually am. It's providing amazing performances from Joshua Morrow (Nick) and Michelle Stafford (Phyllis). However, Hunter King (Summer) is not working for me, nor is the actor playing Kyle. They both need to be let go and recast.

The Jeanne Cooper tribute was beautiful. And I have complete faith that both Jill and Josh will respect Ms. Cooper's 40 years of dedication and make her on-screen death a brilliant and moving tribute. I hope that veteran cast members and characters return to the canvas around this time. Would love seeing Tucker, Brock, Mac and some others, too. Even an Amber return would be appreciated!

The MS storyline with Melody Thomas Scott's Nikki I feel is awesome. I love how they aren't making it a focus for her character, instead something she's always going to deal with and integrating it within her as a character. Josh is great at those kind of things.

The gradual breaks in both Lauren/Michael and Kevin/Chloe are appreciated. It's natural and like real life. I can appreciate it. So I hope they keep it up because it's keeping me intrigued.
The only good s/l that JFP and staff has given us so far is the Nick and Summer paternity s/l. All the others have stunk. She is back burning the vets for the newbies and the only one in the entire group of newbies that can act and is nice to look at is Noah. She gave him a crap of a s/l and now he is roommates with Tyler who is capable of only one thing. Walking around showing his big nipples off. BIg fucking deal. Just what the viewers want to see. A man that is a ugly Charles Barkley lookalike that has big nipples. Sorry JFP has not done much for YnR. Too many newbies and not enough vets. She wants to make this her own show and you can bet that MS will not be the first to leave YnR because of lack or airtime. The less airtime the less money. The vets will be leaving one by one. Thanks to JFP. Another year and YnR will be unrecognizable.
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