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My reaction to current Y&R ...

Jun 13 2013, 09:28 PM
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Make no mistake.. Steffy is the true villain between the three of them. Liam is the waffling idiot, but Steffy is the woman who was trying to break up the couple. She is no saint, she is no compassionate soul. She is a skank who has tried to break up a number of couples on this show.

No that belong to the Logan women.Brooke with Eric, Ridge, Nick, Deacon, Whip, Oliver, and now Bill. Bridget when she became Owen baby mama when he was still married to Jackie. Donna when she crawled into Eric bed. Hope after dumping Liam multiple times and deciding she wanted him back. Katie with Nick and Bridget. They are the skanks of the show. :cheer:
Steffy is a skank. Do we need to go through everything she's done and all the relationships she's tried to get between? Really? lol

This isn't a Logan vs Forrester argument. Brooke has nothing to do with Steffy being a whorebag who tries over and over again to break up Hope's relationships.

Hope had plenty of chances to be with Liam, but she got caught up in her fantasy world about relationships and kept pulling Katies (happy when he living up to her standards, gets mad when he fails to live up to them, kicks him to the curb when she gets angry, calms down and decided she wants him back) with Liam. Lope will always have an interloper in their relationship and his name is Wyatt.
Fantasy world? You mean when she wanted Liam to stay away from the slut who was trying to get with him? Such a terrible thing to ask the man you're supposed to marry haha

Hope did have chances to be with Liam, but Steffy/Bill/Rick always worked against them and schemed against them.

And every couple has an interloper, Steam always had one too. Her name is Hope ;) That's just soaps.
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