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Jun 13 2013, 10:50 PM
Jun 13 2013, 09:32 PM
Because tears are overrated? I can't believe the stock being put into "real tears." I've seen some of the worst actors ever pouring tears in their emotional scenes. It didn't make them any better. I will say if the actor is good then tears can enhance a scene, but its not always the case. #TeamMarge
i completely agree. it's more important for actors to be able to make the audience feel what their character is feeling than to be able to create waterworks.
for example: i didn't need Julianna Margulies bawling her eyes out the entire "Carol & Doug say goodbye" scene on ER. and even when she did finally let out tears, they weren't complete waterworks dripping down her face.
To be clear, I wasn't expecting or looking for waterworks. There was just a particular moment, it might have been at the end of Wednesday's show, that I marked how the actress playing Marge was working her face quite convincingly in pain and upset, but how there wasn't a glimmer of a tear. Which is fine - the message of the emotion was sill conveyed, I registered and believed it. I just noticed this b/c I thought, hmmm, I could maybe sob like that, scream and curse the world, but I would likely not be able to drum up tears, and would I pass the test if so? Probably not, I thought, so at that moment I wasn't entirely impressed with Marge. LOL totally a strange/crazy-eccentric-lady thought to have, I know. But watching some of these Days actors sometimes, I think I could do their job and then some.

Anyway that was the wackadoo thought process I had. Regardless. I am still very much #TeamMarge. Go marge go!!
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