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I am so DONE hearing Sami's story. Every time the flashback looks worse. She didn't need to shoot to kill! She's full of shit. Lethal injection, please.
I don't want Sami to die, but I do think they did a bad job of setting up this story if they're expecting the entire audience to be on Sami's side. Shooting first and asking questions later was an overreaction, for one. And for another thing - if Sami didn't want to go to death row, maybe she should stop trying to kill people. I think she's shot more people than anyone else on the show at this point.
imo the fact that they're bringing in Mrs. Bernardi - and a great actress at that - shows us that we're not being forced to root for Sami here.
My guess is that when it's all said and done, Mrs. Bernardi will find out her husband was on the take and shamefully slink into the shadows, but it'll be nice if they continue to play this story as having shades of gray
I think Marge has a bit of an edge to her and we're only seeing small hints of it. Her threats to Sami gave a little bit of that vibe. I could see Stefano approaching his former employee's widow and offering her a secure future and a chance to get even with the woman who shot her husband. The actress certainly could pull it off and it might be interesting to see the beginnings of a vendetta...
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