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Jun 13 2013, 09:40 PM
Jun 13 2013, 09:32 PM
Because tears are overrated? I can't believe the stock being put into "real tears." I've seen some of the worst actors ever pouring tears in their emotional scenes. It didn't make them any better. I will say if the actor is good then tears can enhance a scene, but its not always the case. #TeamMarge
Ok...guess I'm wrong. I am still firmly Team Marge all the way - I just was saying that I too noticed her lack of tears, as another poster said. If she had been crying tears I would not have thought them overrated. Maybe I noticed this more yesterday than today - I think it was only really noticeable to me when she was crying in Roman's arms. But all still good in the land of Marge - I am excited to know she is not just a one-off character and she's brought more as a tiny role-player than most of the main actors on the show. And she is far better than Ali - which brings me joy, to see that contrast. And hey she slapped Sami, so, yeah, aaaallllll good.
I think the actress was really good in these scenes. Especially given the fact that these are her first scenes on this show and it's impossible for her to even know the character let alone "feel" it.
As for tears. I think it's more a direction- thing than an acting choice. Nobody has to have "real tears" but they could easily use some "fake tears" if they wanted or whatever staff they use for that. I'm glad they didn't because this way was more subtle IMO.
And not everybody cries tears at the very first second they hear the fact, no matter how painful it is. So it was O.K. for me.
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