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I agree that while the stories have potential, the writing has been less than stellar these last few days. I donít care for the whole shooting storyline so far. Aside from not enjoying Rafe being involved, even if he is in the coma that never ends, something just isn't right for me.
But I do see the possibilities for story that could come from it and since I do like Ejami together, I think it will be a good story for them hopefully.
Having said that, I have not enjoyed Sami much since the day she went into see Rafe and it just got worse when she shot Bernardi. It doesnít have anything to do with AS performance for me though. I think the material is poorly written and the overall blocking and direction of the scenes are haphazard.
I agree with everything Lysie said about Sami in her earlier post actually. And I normally like Sami, still do, just think this has all fallen flat. I would have rather seen Sami hightail it out of there as soon as she realized who Marge was.
Who by the way, Iím not enjoying that much either. I thought she was good the first day, but over dramatic the second. I thought the whole Ďcop killerí bit was a little too gangsterish and not something a woman who just lost her husband, literally minutes prior, would say. But I suppose itís possible.

I like that EJ is standing beside her even though he is still miffed about her being in there in the first place. The fact that sheís facing murder charges should be a bigger deal to him than whether she has feelings for Rafe or not. Which so far, it seems like it is and heís putting that aside for the moment. I like that Kate is razzing him about it though. I donít think EJ has much to worry about for now as far as that, but I love the EJ/Kate interaction.

I was also glad to see Roman and Marlena being so loving with Sami. Hope, on the other hand, she needs to step up her Aunt game a little. I get that Sami is a mess, but come on.

I really have to give it up to that JJ kid. I donít like Dannifer. But the actor who plays JJ does punk ass kid really well. I was shocked when I found myself watching all of the Dannifer centered scenes, even the ones JJ was not in, just because heís instantly made that story better.

The Wilson/Gabby stuff was adorable. I still donít love Gabby, but the whole modern day Threeís Company (and a baby) thing has cute potential. I also love the Ďher Sonnyí line. Super cute.

All in all, not a bad show. I just think that they need to flesh out these scenes better. I am enjoying the show for the most part and have been for weeks. But these last few, I have had a lot of head shaking over.
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