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Jun 14 2013, 07:46 AM
My opinion of the actress playing Marge went down after she was supposed be showing anguish. She's good and I'd like to see her stick around, but she didn't steal the scene or anything. And dry eyed crying always pulls me out of the moment.
Yes, I think that's it - that the dry-crying pulled me out of it. I didn't needed an explosion of tears or snot all over the place. A single tear or watering would have done it. It just seemed like a lot of exercise and show to produce nothing. But maybe I am wrong in thinking the point was to produce tears. Maybe the point was to produce a representation of emotion, which happened.

Or maybe I just need a hint of a tear to lend veracity to such a situation. Not just sad faces.

Anyway, not a big deal - I still love the whole package of the character so far. And the slap was great! #TeamMarge
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