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Jun 14 2013, 09:24 AM
Jun 14 2013, 09:10 AM
Jun 14 2013, 07:46 AM
My opinion of the actress playing Marge went down after she was supposed be showing anguish. She's good and I'd like to see her stick around, but she didn't steal the scene or anything. And dry eyed crying always pulls me out of the moment.
The more I think about her, the more I dislike her. I think maybe I do need real tears, even real snot sometimes.
I felt she kept scrunching her face up like that so that she would cry and never did. Like a dry sponge...
For such a small role, I'll bite. But I'm not sold yet.
You can't possibly need real tears if you like Sami. ;)
She may be a face scruncher, but Iíve at least seen running mascara on Sami.

I think the anguish from Marge would have been better played if her reaction had been a little more subdued. Not that losing your husband is a subdued moment, but I didnít really get any sense of real sadness from her once she actually learned he was dead. I needed to see more confusion from her. When Roman first told, I get the breakdown into his arms. Thatís pretty standard. But after that, when she was pressing for info, I would have liked to see her wipe her face and sniffle, and more calmly, but firmly ask for answers. She was still manipulating her face into a Shar Pei at that point and it made me want her to leave the room.

Aside from her acting, the scene was written terribly. To have her so focused on wanting to know how Sami knew her husband was stupid. Asking what happened, what went wrong? Yes, all normal. But I donít even know if a person would have heard Sami even talking in that moment with all that grief. I get itís a plot point, I just didnít like it.
And the way Sami almost sounded proud when she said she shot him, well I thought that was the wrong acting choice by AS. She shouldnít have said it at all, but if she was going to, it needed to be softer, almost ashamed. Even when she started defending why she did it to the grieving widow, again stupid, she sounded self-righteous. And as much as Sami can be that, I donít think she would have been in this case. I still canít figure out for the life of my why the hell she was still even in that room.
Even if she was just shocked and making poor choices because of that, between EJ, Hope, and Roman- one of them should have been able to get either Sami or Marge out of the room before spilling the news about Bernardiís passing.
Ugh, I just didnít like the scene I guess LOL.
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