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Jun 13 2013, 12:48 PM
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Jun 13 2013, 12:33 PM
There's an interesting moral order to JJ. He doesn't want an innocent kid hurt. He just wants Daniel's property hurt.
I liked that too. He really does feel bad about what happened to Parker, but he could care less about the car.
The car is an extension of Daniel, and he actually has every right to hate Daniel. His father hasn't been dead a year, and this new "perfect" man is in his place and he must listen to everyone singing his praises. JJ has every right to be enraged at Daniel because it is incredibly inappropriate for Jennifer to force Daniel into her son's life so soon.

But I do like the writing on JJ. He's not hostile toward anyone that he feels is innocent like Parker, only those who have seemed to forget Jack. That makes him sympathetic and redeemable even though he's done wrong.
THIS. Add in the fact that everyone is soooooo concerned about Daniel's "pain" when JJ just lost his father less than a year ago. Abby's speech to JJ the other day was completely inappropriate and in complete disregard of JJ's pain/feelings. JJ has had to mourn his father alone for the last 9 months and now comes home to find that he & Jack have been replaced and the icing on the shitty cake is now the only person who's feelings matter is Daniel. JJ is wrong for what he is doing but I damn sure don't blame him for being angry. Jennifer and Abigiail are pathetic. Their heads are so far up Saint Orange Dick's ass I'm surprised they can still breathe. :flipoff:
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