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Grattitude/parental duty to someone and actually likeing/loving them are 2 different things. Maybe it's because different writing regimes write them differently, but I have never felt any consistency of John loving Sami. And I am certain Sami will always resent John for the affair, no matter what she says.
Actually those are several different things. Liking and loving are completely separate. I was talking about loving.
Yes, there is a lot in there. My original post was about liking. I don't think John/Sami like each other and any effort is for Marlena's sake. I think one could argue a case that John loves Sami, but I don't believe Sami loves John.
Eh. I won't get into the liking. But is argue that Sami loves
John as much as Sami is capable of loving...which isn't much. But I also don't think the affair is what she resents him for.
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