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Took a nap during DAYS. Couldn't hold off. Just finished watching on my DVR...

HURRAY! It's a NEW DAY in Salem!

I really, REALLY like how the episode started by everyone finding out about the shooting & Sami's arrest via numerous sources INCLUDING the front page story in the Salem Spectator. I also like how Anne popped up in the beginning to sick that freelancer on Jennifer. I also liked how he was being NOTICEABLY douchey with his doggedness (beyond just being a "driven reporter") and was called on it by the other reporters.

I thought Melissa Reeves looked FABULOUS today. I thought hair, makeup, and wardrobe all suited her well. Likewise, I absolutely LOVE Ari Zuker's new haircut. Also, unlike many of you, I actually really liked her dress and I didn't find anything overly odd about the fit.

I like how we got bits and pieces from all the other stories carrying over (Kristen/Brady; John/Marlena; Eric/Nicole; Daniel/Jennifer/JJ; etc.) but everything was played under the umbrella of Sami's arrest. IMO, THIS is how you effectively weave through a cohesive soap opera canvas. IMO, it felt like one whole show and town today instead of a bunch of disjointed stories that just so happen to be set in the same place.

I love that we saw ALL of Sami's immediate family rallying around her today (even though she was off-screen) including both of her parents, her twin brother, and her step-brother. I also like that John seemed determined to TRY to be there for Sami despite everything that's happened, but no one will let him BECAUSE of what's happened. I actually had no problem with Roman essentially telling John to fuck off and that it was a family matter concerning Roman & Marlena's daughter. Marlena even told him to go away. IMO, John removed himself from consideration as family when he asked Marlena for a divorce. I'm on Roman's side in this one.

I'm curious about what Kristen is up to this time. Please lets not get to the climax before we actually find out because that will get boring quickly. Again.

All in all, I thought today was a fabulous episode and a really good "building" soap opera episode. Surprisingly, I thought David Cherrill did a competent job with the script.

And in a strictly shallow moment, I do appreciate that they let Shawn Christian stop shaving his chest. I like the fur on him.
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