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Quoting limited to 4 levels deep
But you think she resents him, if not for the affair? What do you think she resents him for?
"Lying" about being her dad, leaving them with a stranger and starting a new family, and then breaking up her family again. I don't think love and resentment are mutually exclusive though.
Ah ok, I get you. Yeah, when I say affair, I use broad strokes (verrrry broad strokes lol)

Regarding love and resentment being mutually exclusive though, for normal people I agree. For someone like Sami, I think on a concious level she assigns a single binary classification to people. On a subconcious level, well it differs from writing regime to writing regime and it could be argued either way.
I'd disagree. Sami has love and hate relationships with most of the important people in her life. She generally does, however, show one over the other in a binary fashion. This has a lot to do with writing agendas. If Sami were written completely sans writing agenda, she'd be such a complex character, despite Ali's limitations.
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