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I hope that Eric gets hooked on drugs from whatever Kristen gave him. Just thinking he slept with her is great and all, but that isn't much of a reason for him and Nicole to bond. I mean he can be down and she can pick him up, but DAYS should go there and give it depth. Greg Vaughan played a drug addicted Lucky. I worry because DAYS kinda sucks with their addiction stories, especially with John and Brady. Maybe Eric can break the mold? Lorraine Broderick is PERFECT at these types of stories and it could really build a great relationship between Eric and Nicole.

The Will spoiler is totally stupid and is the first thing to really piss me off about this show in a while besides Dannifer. Like what is that? I hope its a bullshit spoiler.

I saw another pick of Jen Lilley's character with JJ today and its from the week of June 24th. I think its from the 28th's episode again. So maybe she debuts on Thursday or Friday.
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Spoilers for the week of June 24th · DAYS: News, Spoilers & Discussion