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Panda Panda
Jun 14 2013, 07:04 PM
No one claimed that it didn't make sense for Nicole to want Eric to put himself first, but it was wrong of her to talk about his sister that way right to his face. Nicole knows what kind of man Eric is and how much he cares for others (that's why she loves him) suggesting that he let Sami rot in prison was the dumbest thing Nicole could possible say to Eric and he has every right to be angry with her. Which I don't believe he is he seemed more disappointed in her than anything.
The facetious part of me wants to say "why not. Sami has no problem letting family members rot in prison whilst she goes on with her life".

But the logical part of me wants to point out by the time she said that she was exasperated, all she was trying to do was get Eric to think of the bigger picture.
There's really not that much that Eric can do that his other family members can't do, leaping the gun and postponing his trip was a rash reaction. He needed to stop and think.

Still I will eat my words if it turns out Eric is the one who magically gets Sami out of prison.
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