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Okay, time for final Emmy predictions. As its gotten closer and seen predictions from some "industry experts" my opinions have been swayed a little.

Younger Actor
Chandler Massey, DAYS
I think this SHOULD be a massacre. The only way he doesn't win if it Y&Rs voting block strikes again.
Who I Want to Win : Chandler Massey.

Younger Actress
Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, B&B
JMW was a LEAD on B&B and is in this category. That should help anyway, but her reel is probably the strongest. Wouldn't be totally shocked if Kristen Alderson pulled the upset because she finally scored a nomination. The other two shouldn't stand a chance.
Who I Want : JMW.

Supporting Actor
Bradford Anderson, GH
I personally LOVE BA's reel so I could be skewed. It was one of my favorite Spinelli scenes of all-time when it aired anyway. I've seen a lot of praise for Jeff Branson's reel, but I'm not a fan. I think its between Bradford and Billy Miller. Billy Miller is always an Emmy favorite, plus the Y&R connection.
Who I want : Bradford

Supporting Actress
Katherine Kelly Lang, B&B
This is the hardest for me because I absolutely LOVE Ari Zucker and Melissa Claire Egan. I just think KKL has this one in the bag. There's some really great reels in this one. Jessica Collins is the only one that wasn't really enjoyable.
Who I want : Arianne Zucker, but won't be mad if KKL wins.

Lead Actor
Jason Thompson, GH
Could someone actually luck out because of the Y&R voting block? They'll be split! I think its between Doug Davidson and Jason Thompson. All of the experts are predicting Doug Davidson, but Jason Thompson's reel is flawless. Really impressive category this year.
Who I Want : Jason Thompson

Lead Actress
Heather Tom, B&B
This has nothing to do with me thinking its the best reel or really anything. Its just that she's looking for a 3-peat and the Emmy voters always gets stuck on their darlings. Her reel is really good. I think Michelle Stafford has the worst reel, but still a good chance of winning just because. Susan Flannery is the Queen of Soaps and I want her to take it. And DUH I'm cheering for Peggy McCay.
Who I want : Susan Flannery or Peggy McCay

Drama Series
Bold and the Beautiful
I can't remember Drama Series ever being this tough. B&B, GH, and OLTL are all money. I think GH went with the wrong episode. Its kinda goofy but way different than your average submission. OLTL's has the heart, of course with Viki's speech. B&B is a really emotional episode with the biggest icon in the show's history leaving.
Who I Want : OLTL or DAYS

In my predictions Y&R get shutout and that will NOT happen. So that opens things up for one of the youngers to steal it or Doug Davidson and Stafford. Or Billy Miller.
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