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I enjoyed Thursday episode, especially Nora "the Night Bird" on her perch advice to Matthew. It kinda made me feel good inside for some reason.

Matthew, Dani, and Jeffery just chillin' around the house was so real. I want Matthew and Destiny to be together SO BAD, but I'm mixed with Matthew/Dani and Destiny/Jeffery. I hope this Michelle person can act.

I knew Clint was behind the Natalie and John tension from the start since GH. It just wasn't like Natalie to do something like that to man she was supposedly meant to be with. This also going to put on strain on Clint and Viki as well as Viki's drama regarding the Pellegrino fund, the Banner, etc. I don't see them getting married or having a long relationship at all now. When Natalie find out, it's going to get ugly.

I'm finally intrigued with the Todd/Victor/tattoo story. I think Paolo Seganti (Auturo) is involved in this story, at least I hope. Roger Howarth can't carry the story by himself with some random person leaving notes and targeting his family.

David and Dorian conversation got me thinking David has an illegitimate child out there somewhere. The conversation was too touching and had me invested.

PUT BRUCE A CONTRACT! I'm also wanting Cutter and Natalie together, but Bruce could change that IF he was on contract. I also want more Vimal and Rama.

For Sean Riggold to be on recurring, he's been MIA. I could see him in scenes w/ Snoop Lion, who was AWESOME in his appearances, especially with Jeffery.
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