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The Room Stops
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Jun 15 2013, 12:12 AM
The Room Stops
Jun 15 2013, 12:04 AM
Jun 15 2013, 12:01 AM
Just rewatched the scene where Nicole comes in to see Eric and Marlena leaves. LMAO. I really can't get enough of it! It has to be Deidre and Ari doing this on their own when they do blocking for the scenes. Because Nicole looks at Marlena like "Really bitch?" after Marlena says "Nicole..." These two are perfect.
LOVE IT! There should always be tension there because Nicole was a selfish bitch who broke her son's heart. Twice, wasn't it? Eric wasn't perfect either, but he did have his heart broken by her. Would Marlena be able to accept Nicole if Eric chose to be with her? Sure, but there should always be a little tension between them. And those two are fully capable of making it awesome.
Oh, I totally love it. I just love how I'm confident that the actors are doing some of this on their own when they go through blocking the scenes. The subtle touches are just amazing. Its such a tease and making me want more and more of those two together.
I'm still not over Arianne saying that her dream is for Marlena to become sort of a mom to Nicole. I'd love that. Not in like an "OMG, I totally love you, everything is forgotten" like with Sami (oh brother, don't even get me started), but in like an "Honey, you want me to accept you as my daughter in law? Be someone I can accept him with." way. Not that she wants her to not be true to herself, but more in that Marlena would feel that if Nicole really loved Eric, then with love comes trust, and that she needs to learn how to trust in that love so that she wouldn't need to do shady things anymore. Marlena ain't stupid, she knows the crap that Nicole's done, but she also knows her history and knows that her foundation was shaky. IMO, it'd be in character for Marlena to be sort of a guiding parental figure to Nicole, because she believes that people are capable of change, if they really want it, and especially with Nicole's history. She'd understand that while it's not an excuse for the things she's done, having that lack of stability and not being able to trust anyone, would be hard to get over.

That's the only reason, in my opinion, Marlena doesn't believe Kristen can change, because she's shown that she doesn't truly that enough.

IMO Nicole should always be grey, and never all goody two shoes, but Nicole's also never done anything just for the hell of it. It all goes back to as a little kid, she didn't have a good, stable home. She couldn't trust that she wouldn't end up in a room crying at the end of the day. And that is where Sami and Nicole differ for me. Sami had a very stable foundation compared to Nicole. Yes, she lost her father, then sort of got him back, then lost her mother. But she still had a stable home. She had an incredible mother when she was little, who worked and then made sure she was safe and warm, who never let anyone do any harm to her. Then she had an awesome dad who raised her the best he could, with help from stable grandparents, aunts and uncles. She was loved and she knew that. Nicole never really knew that.
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