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Jun 15 2013, 06:34 PM
Jun 14 2013, 05:11 PM
IMO, Samantha loves John. I believe it gose way back when the real Roman can back. Samantha and Eric thought that John was their father, they loved this man. Their mother was "suppose" to be dead, but they had their father. Samantha seen her dad go through all kinds of relationship, but it was nothing like he had with her mom, the closest was Isabella, the kids took to her, anyway, to make a long story short, when John was found not to be the father, and the real Roman was back (WN) I believe Samantha just wanted some stability in her life, her real mom and dad were back and she wanted them together. John wants to help with Samantha, because even though he's not her biological dad, he still loves her like she's one of his own.
I'm not positive, but I'm pretty sure Sami and Eric were with their grandparents in Colorado for much of the RoJohn era. Isabella died in late 1992. Sami (as portrayed by AS) came back in 1993. And by that time Marlena and Roman were also in Salem, right?

Maybe there was another Sami before that (as there was a short period where someone else played Carrie). But I don't recall any interaction between Sami and RoJohn's relationships (e.g., Diana, Isabella, and the others in between), because only Carrie lived with RoJohn at that time. (Of course, maybe there were history rewrites starting in 1993 that I missed. I didn't follow their story that closely after JER took over.)

In any case, I saw RoJohn bonding with Carrie, but don't recall much of any bonding between RoJohn and Sami -- only John and Sami (if that makes sense). :)

Yeah, this is completely wrong. Sami didn't go off screen until Roman and Marlena were both in Salem and even then it was only a few months. From 86-91 she was onscreen being raised by John. Sami had interactions with Diana (most notably when RoJohn proposed) and a good bit with Isabella. There really hasn't been a history rewrite with that but there are some odd timing issues because of the SORASing.
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