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Jun 15 2013, 08:04 PM
S loves EJ
Jun 14 2013, 06:10 AM
Jun 13 2013, 01:17 PM
I totally agree with what Ellie said up-thread about scenes in the rectory having the ability to slow an episode down. I totally see it. I think it's because it's so small and boxed-in and it's really the ONLY place we get scenes involving Eric. Okay, we get he's a priest - he's wearing the damn collar! He doesn't have to be in that little office the whole time!

It's so funny watching Days with my aunt and uncle. They are elderly and sometimes I drop by their house just to make lunch and say hi. Today we all watched Days together, and when I tell you all that they WORSHIP Daniel, I'm being serious. It's hilarious because while we're watching, I'm saying things like "Oh look, he got a tan today." and "Did the hair people choose to do nothing about his bedhead today?" and they totally think I'm being ridiculous, lol. They really don't understand my hatred for this over-pimped character, which I may add, is starting to really downgrade Abigail as a character as well. Enough with the pimping!

JJ returning to Salem really has given Jennifer Rose LIFE! This is the most I've enjoyed her in quite some time. It really is miraculous. I wonder if Casey Moss knew when he auditioned for JJ that he would pretty much be the voice of the audience, lol. I LOVE that he calls everyone out on their shit!

As for the shooting thing, what can I say? Marge Bernardi is the future of this show! Lol. Why can they find such good random characters like Anne and Marge and then totally miscast other people in important roles? I'll never understand it. Also, Ali Sweeney is laughably bad this week. When she screamed, "I did it! I shot him!", was she trying to be sincere? Because the way Ali played it, it's like she was bragging, lol.

I think Sami was feeling so quilty that she couldnīt hold it in any longer.

That is what I thought too. Ej and her family were trying to protect her by making her leave the room. But she wanted to face the music.

I respect the fact that Sami refused to slider away like a coward, instead she faced up to what she did like a big girl knowing she would be facing the widow's wrath. That took a lot of guts.
I'm glad she stayed too and got in Marge's face about her dead husband.Best slap I've seen in a while.Marge may be lacking as a cryer but she has a great slap. Sami seem shocked that Marge didn't believer her and slapped her.It was as if Sami was expecting her to say,"Oh,well if he was dirty,it's okay that he's dead,I have no husband,and my child is fatherless."
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