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camera shy

Jun 16 2013, 07:33 AM
camera shy
Jun 16 2013, 07:20 AM
Jun 14 2013, 03:37 PM
As much as I love the thought of Nicole being with Eric..I am enjoying the thought of Kristen seducing Eric and the looks on Nicole's, Marlena's and Brady's faces is something I WOULD LOVE TO SEE! I am twisted LOL But if Nicole supposedly saves him then I guess it won't happen??
But if she's using drugs on Eric and then has sex with him that's rape.
Is she going to have sex with him or just drug him and make it look like he had sex with her?
What she'll probably do is drug him and make it appear they had sex with his consent. He probably won't be able to remember what happened or realize drugs were invloved. But whatever she does to him is illegal.
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