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Jun 15 2013, 08:58 PM
Intriguing photos! So, it looks like Kristen injects Eric with some type of poison? If so, maybe Nicole will confess her undying love to Eric when she thinks he's unconscious in his hospital bed, and then it will turn out that Eric was actually awake and heard everything that Nicole said to him.

But I hope Kristen's plan will be something more exciting than just trying to kill Eric, so maybe the "potion" ends up messing with Eric's personality or destroying his sanity or something. (Maybe she injects him with a mutated strain of Jungle Madness?)
IMO anything would be better than some "drug/stage having sex" plot once again. It's so old and overused.

As for potion (BTW an interesting word used), it would be interesting if the "potion" drastically enhances Eric's libido so that he starts having erotic daydreams and obsessing over every female he sees (Nicole, Kristen etc.etc.). That would make his life extremely difficult if he tries to remain a priest with a lot of S/L possibilities. Not that I'm a fan of these things but seeing the spoilers...
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