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Salem Reborn returns to Soap TV

Salem is an alt-Days series that starts in June 2012, with the discovery of Stefano DiMera's body in his mansion. Fans of Days may remember that, in the course of one chaotic night, Stefano was confronted by several Salemites, all of whom will be suspects in the ensuing investigation. The death of Stefano also will unleash an all-out competition to inherit the DiMera riches, as Stefano, even in death, views his family, friends and even adversaries as little more than chess pieces to be manipulated by a master game player. Meanwhile, life will go on in Salem as its residents try to adjust to the new reality of a Stefano-less city. New relationships will form, while others will be torn apart by tragedy and betrayal.

These new storylines seek to bring back fan favorites, provide back-burned characters with chances to shine, and develop a younger generation of characters to lead the show into the future. The result will be adventure, intrigue, and romance resulting in an overhauled cast of young and old. Thrill to the adventures of new heroes, learn to have new villains, watch as friendships and family bonds are restored, and experience the return of real romance.

Begun in 2012 before ONTV was hacked, all 22 previously posted episodes of Salem Reborn will be reposted from the beginning before new episodes begin later this summer. Please join us from the beginning as Salem is Reborn.
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